Ranked Servers   (Miscellaneous Statistics)

Tracking 5,692 players (30 new players last 24h) with 604,390 kills and 121,488 headshots (20%) on 6 servers
Server Address Map Time Players
[OC] Australian Deathmatch (Sydney) au.hl2dm.pro:27015 pg_bloodrun 00:11:12h 4/21
[OC] AusDM #2 - Duel Server (Melbourne) dm_s-killbox_prefinal 00:01:15h 0/7
[NA] West Coast Deathmatch (Los Angeles) us1.hl2dm.pro:27015 dm_overwatch 00:05:43h 0/11
[NA] East Coast Deathmatch (New York) us2.hl2dm.pro:27015 dm_steamlab 00:10:40h 0/21
[EU] UK Deathmatch (London) uk.hl2dm.pro:27015 dm_resistance 00:04:23h 1/21
(test server) - 21:27:23h 0/10

Daily Awards (Award History)

Award Winner (Thursday, Dec 3, 2020) Today's Leader
1- All Out Of Gum  [TÐK] Python (50 pulverisations with the shotgun) Not awarded
2- Bullseye!  [TÐK] Python (58 assassinations with the .357 magnum) Not awarded
3- Sniper  [TÐK] Python (39 snipings with the crossbow) Not awarded
4- Can't Catch This  Nemesis [C.O.Dʖ ͡°) (20 obliterations with orbs) Not awarded
5- Grenadier  [TÐK] Nightmare (51 detonations with 'nades) Not awarded
6- Pistol Whipped  Flibble (6 kills with the 9mm pistol) Not awarded
7- Assault  arca (9 annihilations with the AR2 assault rifle) Not awarded
8- Crowbar King  Thrustmaster (24 bludgeonings with ol' red) Not awarded
9- Stunning Performance  [TÐK] Nightmare (1 electrocutions with the stunstick) Not awarded
10- Prop Whore  BabyGoose (61 kills with the gravity gun) Not awarded
11- Noob Cannon  xrs (39 bombardments with the RPG) Not awarded
12- Watch Your Step  The walking fart (13 remote detonations with mines) Not awarded
13- The Percy Prize  [TÐK] Nightmare (11 kills with the SMG) Not awarded
14- Fully Charged Not awarded Not awarded
15- Fragoholic  Nemesis [C.O.Dʖ ͡°) (206 kills total) Not awarded
15- On A Roll  xrs (25 kills in a row) Not awarded
17- Playing To Win  m4ckka (2,292 points gained) Not awarded
18- Respawn Junkie  m4ckka (186 deaths total) Not awarded
19- Not My Finest Hour  L.. (18 deaths in a row) Not awarded
20- Suicidal Maniac  L.. (9 suicides) Not awarded
21- Postcode Lottery  Dozer[C.O.D] (9 ms average latency) Not awarded
22- Pure Luck  [TÐK] Python (1 telefrags) Not awarded
23- Time Flies  m4ckka (02:10:08h hours played) Not awarded